Craftsman Collection

All California Craftsman Doors are named in honor of those within the history of the craftsman movement or who built homes in the craftsman tradition. We pay homage to those individuals and feature these exciting Craftsman Doors.
COBB Best Seller

Authentic arts and crafts designs have been strictly adhered to ensure these Craftsman Doors are true to the arts and crafts movement. All glazed doors are insulated clear glass with an option of beveled edge insulated glass.


Craftsman Entry Door

Craftsman Decorative Glass Authentic Designs

These authentic craftsman designs come from an age when decorative glass utilized black patina caming with a mix of clear bevels and obscure glass.

T.M. Cobb continues its commitment to adhere to this authenticity with the added value of insulated glazing.

Ovalo Sticking
1-3/8" Hip Raised Panel w/ Beaded Twin V-Grooves Ovalo Sticking
Square Sticking
Flat Panel w/ Square Sticking


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