The variety of products manufactured by T.M. Cobb is truly staggering. But, throughout our diverse product line, there is one common element – the T.M. Cobb trademark. Our trademark is a symbol of the quality that we build into every door and window we manufacture – whether we’re producing ten items or ten thousand.


As an industry leader, T.M. Cobb has been at the forefront of major developments in the process of manufacturing doors and windows. To stay ahead in the changing marketplace, our research and development department searches constantly for newer and better materials, more innovative designs, and more efficient and productive manufacturing processes.
At T.M. Cobb, our commitment to progress in general and specifically to dependably supply the best products and materials at the most cost effective prices is as important today as it was in Ty Cobb’s day. And it will only become more important as we move into our seventh decade.


Since the earliest days of the company, the name T.M. Cobb has been synonymous with high quality products and materials. But if there is one thing we value as much as our commitment to quality products, it is our commitment to reliable service.

Although T.M. Cobb is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the industry, we take a very personal approach to our relationships with the goal of providing benefits for all. We consider our relationships with dealers, builders, tradesmen, and homeowners to be true partnerships, which form the cornerstone of our business.

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On the job site, nothing is more frustrating – or more costly – than waiting for out-of-stock material to be delivered. At T.M. Cobb we pride ourselves on our enormous inventory and our ability to respond immediately to our customers’ demands. To that end, we have assembled the industry’s largest fleet of all-weather trucks in California. Plus, when T.M. Cobb receives an order, the products are almost always shipped within 24 hours. Today’s contractors and builders demand immediate and complete order response. At T.M. Cobb we meet that challenge.


While our dedication to service and personal integrity is reminiscent of a much smaller company from days gone by, our enormous inventory is a testament to the benefits of working with one of the largest and most stable companies in the industry. The width of our inventory is rivaled only by its depth. We not only stock an incredible variety of door and window styles and sizes, we also stock each style and size in great numbers. It is because of our great inventory that we are able to meet our customers’ demands in such a timely fashion. It is also the reason that we are able to say, “If it’s in our catalog, quick delivery is assured.”


Of course, at T.M. Cobb we do much more than produce standard sized doors and windows. In fact, our customers have come to depend on our ability to perform high quality, affordable custom millwork. They know they can turn to us to custom build doors and windows to fit their specifications – in a wide range of size, shape or design. While other manufacturers might forego the detail and expense of performing custom work, to T.M. Cobb custom millwork is a part of the complete manufacturing and service package that we provide to our customers.


Throughout the building industry, clients have come to expect first-rate quality and service from T.M. Cobb. But they’ve also found something that they might not have expected: affordability. If you think you can’t afford the best doors made in the West, think again. To begin with, T.M. Cobb doors and other products have always been priced competitively. Working with Cobb can save our customers money in other ways as well. In the building industry quality and dependability are always cost effective. For instance, because of our insistence on product availability and quick delivery, your project will experience fewer costly delays, allowing you to remain on schedule and within budget.


T.M. Cobb is proud to have been a part of the California economy for more than half a century. While others have sacrificed quality by turning to foreign or out of state facilities and sources for cheaper labor and materials, Cobb has remained in California. As a major employer and contributor to the California economy, we consider ourselves team members with the people of our home state and look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial prosperity. No one lasts over eighty years in the building industry by accident. Success like ours requires an extraordinary dedication to excellence in all areas of the business. Compare our years of experience, quality products, range of service, quick response and reliability with anyone in the industry. At T.M. Cobb, these qualities are what all of us are committed to each and every day. Despite many changes in the building industry over the years, T.M. Cobb has remained true to the foundations established by it’s founder, Troy “Ty” Cobb, in 1935: To supply lumber and building material dealers with a wide selection of quality products and knowledgeable, responsive service at a fair price.