Timely and Steel Door Frames

The COBB total opening system is designed to combine door frame, door, factory finished and ready to install as a modular it. COBB Doors are premachined to Timely specifications. Premachining includes preparing doors for hinges and hardware plus sizing to the required clearances and beveling. Frames are stocked in almost every standard wall size, giving this system tremendous flexibility from specification through installation stages. All this with the COBB fast delivery system.

Timely TA 23
TA-23 Aluminum Casing
Timely TA-8
TA-8 Standard Steel Casing
Timely TA-28
TA-28 Aluminum Casing
Timely TA-30
TA-30 Colonial Steel Casing
Timely TA-35
TA-35 PVC Casing

Timely prefinished door frames are constructed of 20 gauge cold rolled steel to insure superior strength and impact resistance. Timely frames gain strength at the corners. Patented corner pieces hold casings in place for perfect miters every time. Frames feature a 14 gauge reinforcing plate for added hinge support.

Our difference is the anchorage. Timely frames are solidly anchored every 11 inches, directly into wood or metal studs. This method provides a level of structural integrity unmatched by conventional wooden or free-standing hollow metal door frames. The installed Timely frame becomes an integral, maintenance-free part of the wall structure.


The versatility of the COBB prefinished steel door frame system allows the system to be used in virtually all types of construction. The full spectrum of buildings from luxury hotels, high rise commercial structures, to hospitals, nursing homes, multi-family and single family residential developments are met with equal benefits in performance and economy. Our Basic Frame concept allows total design flexibility. By combining any of our painted or metal finish frames with your choice of casings, an unlimited variety of colors and visual effects can be achieved.

Our Basic Frame with aluminum snap-on casing (Timely II) offers the aesthetic beauty of aluminum with the integrity of steel. It retains the full range of fire ratings up to 90 minutes – priced dramatically lower than an all aluminum frame.

COBB also offers an adjustable prefinished door frame with a 3 3/4″ – 9 1/8″ range to meet any odd wall condition.


Timely prefinished frames are so easy to install that almost any tradesman, regardless of door hanging experience, can learn to install the Timely frame in a matter of minutes. The installation technique is equally adaptable to wood stud, metal stud, solid gypsum or demountable partition systems.

The average installer can complete a frame and door installation in less than 15 minutes.

The Timely frame is always installed with the door. The COBB door acts as a template and the frame is adjusted to the door. Adjustment for precise and final fit is made with a screwdriver or awl through alignment slots in the frame. The casing then snaps on to conceal all fasteners. Aligning the frame to the door and securing the adjustable strike assures a precise and rattle free installation every time.

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Several tests have been performed comparing the anchorage of Timely frames to traditional steel frames. Written reports of these test results are available upon request. These tests clearly show the Timely frame to exceed hollow metal frames in its ability to support heavy doors.

Frame strength and precision fit are essential elements in providing a secured entry system. By combining a Timely frame with a solid core door and deadbolt, the toughest entry level security requirements are met. Frames and doors are easily prepared for use with special locks and other security devices.


By utilizing Timely prefinished steel frames and COBB premachined doors, the need for costly jobsite labor is virtually eliminated. It is no longer necessary for skilled tradesmen to fit the door and prepare for hardware. Finishing costs are greatly reduced because frames and doors are factory prefinished allowing a substantial cost savings. The frame can be installed after the walls are finished, thus eliminating time consuming trimming and cut-in.

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