The secret to a great looking entrance... complement your architecture with the highest quality door available.

T.M. Cobb has the largest inventory of steel and fiberglass doors in the West.

The new Classic-Craft Rustic Door Collection complements the style of Southwestern and European country architecture. [Available Prefinished]

Classic-Craft Rustic Doors may be stained to bring out it's rich wood grain pattern or painted to match any decor.

The Finishing System offers all the popular stain colors including oak, walnut, cherry, cedar and antique white plus...New Mahogany.

These are some samples of Classic-Craft Rustic Fiberglass doors:

CCR 8205

CCR 8040

CCR 8200

CCR 8220

CCR 8005
These are some samples of the over 1200 steel or fiberglass patterns stocked by Cobb:
HANDCRAFTED DOORLITES Beautiful doorlite glass patterns offer a wide selection of styles in every product line. Our Cobb door systems with exquisite doorlites are capturing the attention of discerning home builders and home buyers worldwide. All camed doorlites are insulated with dual glazed glass.

TYCO PREHUNG FIBERGLASS DOOR SYSTEM With Cobb's fiberglass door system you get the look and feel of wood. Our superior fiberglass technology takes the best qualities of wood and improves upon them.
• Resists damage - no splitting, cracking or warping.
• Insulates five times better due to its solid polyurethane foam core.
• Stains to look just like wood and the finish lasts three times longer.

TYCO PREHUNG STEEL DOOR SYSTEMS Thanks to Cobb, steel entry door systems are nearly maintenance-free. Steel entry systems completely seal the entryway, eliminating the transfer of heat and cold. A solid polyurethane foam core provides five times the insulating value of comparable wood doors and almost double the R-value of most polystyrene core steel doors.
• A tough semi-gloss white primer is factory-applied to the door.
• White or bronze weatherstripping.

WARRANTY All Tyco Fiberglass Prehung door systems carry a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your home. All Steel Prehung door systems are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. A copy of the limited warranty is available upon request.

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