On the job site, nothing is more frustrating - or more costly - than waiting for out-of-stock materials to be delivered. At T.M. Cobb, we pride ourselves on our enormous inventory and our ability to respond immediately to our customers’ demands. To that end, we have assembled the industry’s largest fleet of all-weather trucks in California. Plus, when T.M. Cobb receives an order for stock material, the products are almost always shipped within 24 hours. Today’s contractors and builders demand immediate and complete order response. At T.M. Cobb, we meet that challenge.

Custom Millworking

Of course at T.M. Cobb, we do much more than produce standard sized doors and windows. In fact, our customers have come to depend on our ability to perform high quality, affordable custom millwork. They know they can turn to us to custom build doors and windows to fit their specifications - in a wide range of size, shape or design.

While other manufacturer’s might forego the detail and expense of performing custom work, to T.M. Cobb, custom millworking is simply a part of the complete manufacturing and service package that we provide to our customers.


While our dedication to service and personal integrity is reminiscent of a much smaller company from days gone by, our enormous inventory is a testament to the benefits of working with one of the largest and most stable companies in the industry.

The width of our inventory is rivaled only
by its depth. We not only stock an incredible variety of door and window styles and sizes, we also stock each style and size in great numbers. It is because of our great inventory that we are able to meet our customers’ demands in such a timely fashion.
It is also the reason that we are able to say, “If it’s in our catalog, quick delivery is assured.”